Are you going out-of-town for a while? If so, you might be wondering what the best option for your pet is while you're traveling. It isn't always practical or possible to bring a dog or cat with you on the road or on a plane, and pet sitters may not know the best way to care for your animal while you're away. A better option is to board your furry friend at a trustworthy boarding kennel like Waterloo Animal Hospital, serving Edmond and Guthrie. You'll be able to enjoy your travels knowing that your dog or cat is safe and being well-cared for.

Pet Boarding

Let Us Keep Your Pet Safe and Comfortable While You Travel

Here at Waterloo Animal Hospital, our boarding services are designed to give your dog or cat the most enjoyable stay possible. Oklahoma summers and winters can bring harsh temperatures to our area, but all of our kennels are indoors and air-conditioned to keep your pet comfortable regardless of the weather. We walk dogs twice a day on a leash. We also spend some one-on-one time with each pet in our boarding kennel every day so they won't feel lonely. At your request, we can even schedule a daily outdoor playtime session with your dog. When you return to pick up your pet, you might find that your companion animal enjoyed his or her "vacation" as much as you've enjoyed yours.

What Should I Bring to Board My Pet?

When you bring your furry pet to us for boarding, please bring along an up-to-date copy of his or her vaccinations and flea preventative medicine. This is an important part of making sure our boarding facilities remain a safe and healthy environment for all the animals that stay with us. We also recommend that you bring something that will remind your pet of home, such as a favorite toy or a blanket that smells like you. We provide Science Diet Sensitive Stomach food at our boarding kennel, but if your animal is on a special diet, please bring enough of his or her regular food to last for the duration of the stay. 

Turn to Waterloo Animal Hospital for All Your Pet Boarding Needs

Whenever you need to board your pet, Waterloo Animal Hospital, serving Edmond and Guthrie, is here for you. When you leave your pet with us while traveling, you can rest assured that he or she will get plenty of exercise and attention every day. In the unlikely event that your four-legged friend should get sick, we have a veterinarian on staff to handle emergencies. Call us today at 405-341-4747 to schedule your pet's stay.

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