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Surgery at Waterloo Animal Hospital

Does your pet need to undergo surgery? If so, you might feel nervous or anxious about his or her upcoming procedure. But you can relax when you place your pet in the hands of Waterloo Animal Hospital. Our caring, skilled, and experienced team can make certain that your best friend receives the highest standards of care, from the pre-operative exam to the surgery itself, and a healthy, successful recuperation. Whether your animal needs extensive surgery or just a routine procedure, we're happy to serve as your veterinary surgery experts in Edmond and Guthrie.


When Do Pets Require Surgery?

Some forms of pet surgery are strictly preventative, but that doesn't make them any less important. For example, spay and neuter surgery are commonly administered to puppies and kittens before they reach sexual maturity, although these procedures can also be performed in older animals as well. Sexual sterilization doesn't just prevent pregnancy, it also greatly reduces your pet's risk for several kinds of potentially-deadly cancers. Other types of surgery include tumor removals that may need to be sent to an outside lab for a diagnostic biopsy.

Surgery can successfully treat a variety of injuries and ailments in pets. Examples include:

  • Internal procedures to remove growths, stones, or foreign objects
  • Surgery to stitch up lacerations and control bleeding
  • Dental or oral surgery
  • Orthopedic procedures to treat ruptured knee ligaments or a luxating patella
  • Surgery to treat eye or ear conditions

Comprehensive Surgical Care at Our Animal Hospital

At Waterloo Hospital we take every step of the pet surgery process seriously, beginning with an initial evaluation to determine what type of surgery your animal needs as well as decide whether your pet is a good candidate for the procedure. We'll also advise you on any pre-operative diagnostic tests that may need to be performed, such as bloodwork or radiographs. We will guide you on how to care for your pet during his or her recuperation from the surgery, including supplying you with prescriptions for antibiotics or pain medications as needed. The surgery itself will be conducted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Schedule An Evaluation for Your Pet Today

Don't hesitate to schedule a pet surgery evaluation for your beloved companion if it will improve his or her health, enhance its comfort, or possibly even save its life. Call Waterloo Animal Hospital at 405-341-4747 to set up an initial appointment for your animal.

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