Equine Services

We Care About the Care of Your Horse

Our goal is to provide the highest quality care for your horse. We have state-of-the-art equipment to help diagnose, treat and care for equine patients. Horses should have a thorough physical and dental exam every year.

Equine Vet Services

We offer all basic equine veterinary services including castrations, caslick’s surgery, laceration and wound care and basic colic treatments.

In addition, we provide the following services for your horse:


Routine vaccinations are an important factor in preventative medicine; a solid vaccination program will protect your horse from many communicable diseases. We will work with you to tailor a program specific to your horse; every horse is different and has unique needs. Our goal is to prevent disease before your horse becomes exposed. While vaccines are available at farm supplies stores, online pharmacies and other retailers, these vaccines aren’t the value they first appear to be. There are hidden risks and costs associated with vaccinating animals yourself. Many vaccines require special handling and storage. Some vaccines cannot be given at the same time as other medicines. On rare occasions, an injection could result in adverse effects. Maybe it’s only mild swelling at the injection site, or lethargy and a slight fever for one to two days. In some animals, it can be as severe as an immediate outbreak of hives or anaphylaxis. If your veterinarian is administering the vaccine, she’ll know what to do to counteract a reaction—and she’ll have the medication to treat your horse right away.


Parasites rob the best nutrition from your horse. Deworming a horse is good preventative medicine, and we will help identify which dewormers and what schedule are best for your horse. Your horse’s living conditions and job help us determine both the number of times we need to deworm your horse as well as the medication rotation schedule.


We conduct the Coggin’s test to determine if a horse is a carrier of the EIA virus, regardless of signs or symptoms. The results are recorded on a health certificate if required.

Lameness Exams

We perform extensive lameness evaluations which may include digital radiography and ultrasound (explained below). We determine a course of treatment for your horse which may include but not limited to joint injections and other current therapies.

Digital Radiography

We use digital radiographs to alter the image once it is obtained to better visualize bone or soft tissue lesions. Using this tool, we are able to obtain images of the limb including the stifle, the neck, and the skull.


Ultrasounds allow us to visualize tendons and ligaments, abdominal and thoracic organs and assist in reproductive work. Digital ultrasound has enabled our veterinarians to obtain even sharper images of limbs and joints to establish more specific diagnoses.

Endoscopy Exams

Endoscopy allows our veterinarians to visualize the upper respiratory tract and lower urinary tract of horses. The endoscope also allows the doctors to collect Trans-Tracheal Washes for outside laboratory testing.

Routine Dental Care

We examine your horse for any issue with teeth such as points, soft tissue structures such as growths or ulcers, and bite alignment.

  • Power Float
  • Wolf Tooth Extractions
  • Decidious Tooth Removals
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